The leader of Winner finally releases his full album with a total of 12 tracks including 4 collaborations.

1. ‘Iyah’

‘Iyah’ is the title track of the album and it’s a great song to announce the artist, Kang Seungyoon. The song is a mellow rock-driven song with a full chorus of singers in the bridge and last chorus of the song. The meaning of the song adds an extra layer…

ONF is a 6-member boy group under WM Entertainment that debuted in 2017. Their 1st full album is breaking numerous records for the group.

Standing L to R: U, MK, E-tion, J-Us Seated L to R: Hyojin, Wyatt

1. Beautiful Beautiful

‘Beautiful Beautiful’ is the title track to ONF (pronounced: On and Off)’s latest album. It’s a retro pop song with futuristic stylings. The group is dressed in pops of neon color in a techno world in their music video. …

The four members, Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin are back with their 7th album led by the title track, ‘Don’t Call Me’.

SHINee is the shining star of SM Entertainment. The group was formed in 2008 and has had a solid career for the past 13 years. Now, they are back with their 7th Full-Album “Don’t Call Me”.

From left to right: Minho, Key, Onew, and Taemin

1. Don’t Call Me

‘Don’t Call Me’ leads off the album and the quartet is trying out a…

ATEEZ is an eight-member Korean Idol group under KQ Entertainment. They debuted in 2018 and are back with their latest mini-album, ‘Zero: Fever Part 2’. The album is led by the title track, ‘불놀이야 (I’m The One)’.

From left to right: Yunho, San, Yeosang, Hongjoon, Wooyoung, Jongho, and Seonghwa No pictured: Mingi

1. 불놀이야 (I’m the One)

Let’s start with the title track, ‘불놀이야 (I’m the One)’. (Bulnoriya, trans. Fireworks). It’s a hip-hop song with a powerful performance that has become a signature for the group. The music video is filled with images of fire and the seven members sitting on top of a subway car. Rapper…

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